Lesty Kejora’s style has always managed to make her fans fall in love, including her lover Rizky Billar. Her casual style looks even more charming with the right matches. Not only appearing minimalist, Lesty Kejora also dared to appear statement with a gold top and a statement model veil. Top Fashion

1 Lesty Kejora’s casual style looks increasingly stealing attention with sunglasses and puff sleeve accents on the top.

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2 Lesty Kejora remains enchanting while appearing minimalist with a combination of white and nude clothes. Best Menswear

3 Lesty Kejora is no doubt more stylish in a balutangold top combined with highwaist pants. Timberland Fashion

4 different styles of hijab than usual are enhanced with floral outerwear and pleats accents on OOTD.

5 Look sweet in a dress that matches the veil, get ready to be stunned by the style of Lesty Kejora! Kacamata Rayban