Knee-high boots will be bigger than ever this fall and fashion girls have already started incorporating them into their summer looks. While neutral-colored boots turn out to be the most popular, you can’t go wrong with the snakeskin print and embossed crocodile styles to make your fall shoes even more unique. Timberland Fashion

Bella Freud proves that sophisticated design can still be fun

If you want a design that catches people’s attention for its incredible sense of style, we can’t say enough good things about Bella Freud. Specializing in providing us with equally chic and playful designs, Bella Freud never allows you to choose between feeling chic and feminine, but also playful and experimental with your own style. We invite you to take a look at the Autumn / Winter ’20 collection to get an idea of ??how these two contrasting aesthetics combine so well. In particular, a piece that really helps convey this aesthetic comes in the form of a pink suit. Made and made with luxurious silk, there is no denying that this piece is full of chic and sophisticated style; however, at the other end of the spectrum, it is done in a super glamor pink bubble gum. As we said, it is the best of both worlds. Other noteworthy designs include light blue pleated pants, metallic mini-dresses, black and red knitted blouses, plaid suits and wraparound skirts for women.

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Summer style has never been easier thanks to Olympia Etal

Simple and so ideal for a cool summer, we can’t wait for you to focus on Olympia Etal’s Summer ’20 collection. Photographed by Kaili Scheer, this lookbook incorporates everything that is summer. It is light, fresh, simple and perfect for hot summer days when you want to look good, but also relaxed and comfortable, regardless of the temperature. For example, you will find linen overalls, flowing dresses and a light color palette reminiscent of summer. Notably, some of our favorite programming choices include a flowing white sleeveless midi dress, an earthy brown super chic dress, a buttoned navy blue midi dress and, the real show, a cheerful long-sleeved maxi. in a dreamy lilac eye shadow. With all these pieces, they work for that style of pitch that is so popular in the summer. In fact, even within the lookbook itself, one of the button-down shirts is combined with a swimsuit to further highlight the easy-to-wear summer feel. Does it look like an aesthetic that you could use more this summer? Discover everything Olympia Etal is and you will be one step closer to your ideal summer style. Top Fashion

A chic casual dress that you can wear until the end of summer

Knitted tubular skirts are one of our favorite summer trends because they create an incredibly casual chic outfit that can accompany you through the end of the season. The best part is that they are very versatile and easy to use, just like your favorite jeans. Combine them with a basic T-shirt and high-top sneakers for every day of the week. If temperatures have already started to drop where you live, all you need to add is a denim jacket. Best Menswear

Nfdress balances the trend with a striking design

Designed and founded by LuQi Yu, Nfdress is a brand dedicated to providing the coveted designs that women want in their wardrobes. In particular, you will find that the pieces revolve around serving a mixture of old and new, artful and couture, in fashion, but unique. In other words, the ideal style combinations that every designer is trying to achieve come together effortlessly at Nfdress. Curious to know how? Check out the latest collection and you’ll soon understand. Whether it’s corsets, heart-shaped necklines, velvet or stunning brooches, you certainly won’t have a problem understanding the nostalgic charm that is in everything. Of course, with that in mind, we don’t even think you’ll miss that more contemporary touch that is so prevalent in these designs. For example, with an almost sporty and athletic look, we definitely have the feeling that this collection is well designed for those who prefer a design inspired by streetwear. Kacamata Rayban