An elegant tight pant with wide legs

Timberland Fashion, It is not surprising that the silhouettes of wide legs are quickly becoming preferred, given their ability to stretch their legs and cut their curved hips. This influencer is offering great inspiration on how to combine loose pants this spring. Although it is quite simple, it certainly makes a statement with the top of the crop embellished. Add sandals and clutch bags for a perfect look to wear every day. Best Menswear

Designer Michael Sontag celebrates the art of seasoning

Designer Michael Sontag sees his work as an entity. Transitions from station to station are based on each other. Your presentations are snapshots without static character. With this approach, the designer confuses the common limits of fashion and creates a separate statement of fashion parameters, such as seasons, trends and age of consumers. This approach is evident in the clarity of their projects; designs that were never designed, but come to life when hung on mannequins. In his current offering, Michael Sontag focuses on dressing. We witness an intimate moment of transformation that determines the appearance of the day in the user’s mood. Here, dressing becomes a ceremony, a game of images and feelings. It gives women unmistakable power. The characteristic of Michael Sontag’s drawings is that we are given the freedom to occupy the clothes and fill them with our individual touch. The choice of these jewels is a special and intimate moment in which we design and bring these new clothes to life with our personal perspective. This potential is most evident in the ritual of dressing. Here the user draws, is strengthened with the help of his clothes and, therefore, determines the effect on his environment. Michael Sontag, therefore, provides us with tools with which we can find our beauty in the playful act of dressing and staging our appearance and its effects. The woman celebrates the chosen treasures in her daily life, instead of keeping them for special occasions; it makes exception the rule and therefore sets new standards in the perpetual fashion cycle. Top Fashion

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Lost + Wander proves that they understand good style with this exciting spring schedule

If you haven’t taken the time to browse Spring ’20 Spring’s “Lost + Wander” collection, you’ll need to scroll down. Bringing us all the details of fashion and feminine, there are very few things not to love about this formation. For some, you will be attracted by the lush color palette, filled with sunny hues such as lemon, watermelon and fresh green. For others, you won’t be able to resist flattering silhouettes, such as high-waisted tie shorts, high-necked blouses, mini dresses, jumpsuits with belts and the ever-popular maxi dress. And that doesn’t even begin to cover all the interesting details that the brand has hidden. For example, there are wrap-around overalls, thin sleeves, peplum, buttons, tassels, ties and lots of ruffles. In other words, when it comes to those feminine details that we know you love, you will have no trouble identifying them in this elegant line. Even the use of the floral motif does not feel exaggerated. Although the flowers are not exactly revolutionary for a spring collection, since Lost + Wander made a great effort to keep the pieces in fashion and stop in other areas of design, they still feel worthy of praise. Check this collection for yourself and we think you can collect what we are describing here. Kacamata Rayban