Aurel Hermansyah or who is familiarly called Aurel is one of the actresses who are currently hotly discussed. After holding a marriage with YouTuber Atta Halilintar, Aurel became increasingly recognized by fans. Top Fashion

Even so, there are interesting things that can be discussed from Aurel’s figure, namely the outfit. He has often been seen wearing an all-black outfit on several occasions. Curious? Come on, take a look at the following 10 inspirations for the all-black outfit of Aurel Hermansyah! Timberland Fashion

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1 Street style outfit with a black parachute jacket combined with black pants and boots

2 When attending prom night, you can try wearing this Aurel-style black mini dress

3 Simple look with plain black shirt combined with black pants

4 Can you try wearing a black dress that makes your appearance elegant

5 Wear a black leather jacket combined with a black miniskirt, charming!

6 Well, if this is a black shirt combined with black leggings, look casual with the black leggings

7 When you hang out, you can try wearing black inner covered with a black long outer

8 An elegant beach outfit in this black Aurel dress. Best Menswear

9 So, if this is a simple black jumpsuit that is still stylish

10 Can you try wearing a black mini dress, the look will stand out, here!

So, those are 10 inspirations for the all-black mix and match outfit ala Aurel Hermansyah, good luck readers! Kacamata Rayban