Aurel Hermansyah managed to conquer the red carpet with his baby bump. Of course, the power of pregnancy glow makes her look stunning when she wears loose or figure-fitting clothes. Timberland Fashion

The mother-to-be looked charming in a beautiful maternity dress parade. Like a custom red dress from designer Renzi Blue for the 2021 Infotainment Awards.

Aurel Hermansyah looked bold in red like a blooming rose. Tiered sleeve accents of tulle material and embellishment details add to the impression of luxury.

The silhouette of the dress is still made comfortable for pregnant women to move. The addition of the belt further emphasizes the bulge of Aurel’s stomach which is increasingly popping out. Best Menswear

Black Flower Pattern Dress

Next there is a black dress with a puff-sleeve. Decorative accents of flowers and leaves make the Poppy Theodorin dress even more adorable.

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Fashion stylist Erich Al Amin puts comfort and safety first with an ankle length dress. Because Aurel will move a lot, including going up and down stairs.

Another black dress that Aurel wore was designed by Asy Febrianti. The floral detail dress with a sprinkling of beautiful sequins and stones was worn when attending the 2021 Obsession Awards. Top Fashion

Meanwhile, Atta also looks cool to match his wife’s style. Erich made sure that they matched both the color and the style of clothing.

“Atta, Aurel prefers to wear something that is pressed and looks at the baby bump. Meanwhile, Aurel prefers to explore clothes. I want to try everything. Aurel likes loose clothes because they are comfortable,” said Erich to Fimela.

Feminine and Elegant Dress

At the Indonesian TV Awards, Aurel also looked stunning in a ‘Harper’ dress from the S/S 22 collection. The feminine and elegant combination of pink and blue indigo made her look classy. Kacamata Rayban

As detailed by the designer Ronauli Liu in his Instagram account. Made of hand embroidered botanical patterned tulle embellished with pearls, crystals, sequins and Swarovksi throughout the gown it looks intricate and gorgeous.