The dress model of the robe and robe dress with brocade material gives an elegant, luxurious impression. For the equivalent of the footwear, it is better if you can give the same beautiful impression, so that the appearance is maximally elegant. For those of you who want to look charming with a brocade robe, here are some inspirations for beautiful sandal models from local brands for their matching! Top Fashion

1 Cloxvox – Kim Sandals

The colors are neutral and without motif, but the edgy design will make your appearance stand out even more. This medium heeled sandal is great with a plain brocade robe or a sequined brocade robe, and is perfect for those of you who are confident and don’t like to be complicated with your style.

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2 Mader – Fancy Crossover

This local sandal brand always has a characteristic in each of its designs. For his collaboration collection with Kala Studio, Mader has launched a fancy crossover sandal model with sequins and a Kala Studio-style floral base. The colors are beautiful and elegant pastels, perfect for a charming pink brocade or nude brocade robe. Timberland Fashion

3 Fayt – Hestia Sandals

The plait on the front reminds us of the diamond on a fitri day. With a beautiful, sleek design, and make your feet look more leveled, Hestia Sandals from a local brand called Fayt are also suitable for pairing with an elegant brocade dress. Best Menswear


This local sandal brand is definitely familiar to sequined sandal fans. Typical of its beautiful sequins, everyone knew right away that this sandal is an authentic PVRA collection. For regular dresses, culottes, or brocade robes, the sandals from PVRA never fail to be the perfect match!

5 Unificatio

Luxurious decorated with sequins and mote-mote, all the mules sandals from Unificatio are always distinctive and have unique designs. No wonder the slipper collection from this local brand is often used as an option for wedding sandals, or the equivalent of brocade kebaya for invitations. Worn with the brocade robe? Very suitable! Kacamata Rayban

6 Vaia – Allure Mules

Another beautiful sandal brand with a mules or slippers design is Vaia. The designs of the sandals from this local brand are always luxurious and elegant with the lacy material they wear. It matches perfectly with the kebaya and brocade dress robe that are equally elegant!

7 Pix Footwear – 2in1 Strappy Heels

This beautiful sandal with a feminine silhouette is called 2in1 because it can be worn in two styles. First, they are worn as regular heels; and the second is used with an additional rope that can be wrapped around. These strappy heels are perfect for invitations to wear, as well as for holiday moments when we wear a brocade robe!

8 Chiel – Moana Sandal

This local shoe and sandal brand is known for its playful and fun designs. For example, Moana, this flat flat heel sandal or flat sandal. For those of you who don’t want to be complicated and want to move a lot, sandals without rights like Moana sandals are indeed the most suitable for you. It’s also suitable to be combined with plain brocade gami!

Wow, the sandals are really beautiful. In your opinion, which sandal from the local brand, which model makes you want to have it the most?