Bohemian style was always seen as a counterculture – until the first 2000s. In the first decade of the 21st century, boho style and boho chic finally got mainstream status as a result of celebrity culture. With movie stars, singers, models and famous celebrity designers who combine distressed denim with Kacamata Rayban, suede, maxi or valance floral dresses and tunics, the boho style became an independent icon.

The Disco-Era Bohemians
Before the 2000s, stars such as Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks and Donna Summer in the 60s and 70s fully adhered to the boho trend. While the bohemian trend was taken up by many subcultures, these particular decades have not fully adopted the artistic trend. What did these divas have in common? An abundance of cape-like scarves, top hats, round sunglasses, winged sleeves and flared trousers as well as countless flower power patterns.

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Top Bohemian Influencing Factors of the Early 2000s Part 1
1. Rachel Zoe
She is a key figure in the boho trend – and not because she is very well known, but because she was a pioneer behind the scenes.

We’re talking about celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who became famous in the early 2000s when she started designing celebrities that were soon to become one of the most popular Bohemian style icons.

2. Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller, who has been rocking the boho-chic look since the early 2000s, is another important celebrity who has revived the bohemian trend.

Sienna takes a multi-faceted approach to bohemian style by combining elements that don’t really fit together but are somehow magical. Sienna was one of the most original celebrities who rocked boho Timberland fashion and had her style evolved over the years. More recently, the actress changed to a more sophisticated look for the red carpet, but kept her notoriously tousled boho look for casual weekends.