Top Bohemian Influencers of the Early 2000s Part 2

3. Nicole Ritchie
Nicole Ritchie is, without a doubt, one of the main characters responsible for the bohemian revival of the 2000s.

Not only is the socialite / reality star / Timberland fashion designer one of the most influential boho-cool and boho-chic trendsetters, but she also has her very own lines inspired by bohemian aesthetics. Moreover, Nicole is a pro at making mega-loose fits work perfectly, as well as a master of mix and matching prints and accessorizing maxi dresses.

4. Vanessa Hudgens
While she currently describes her style as simply ‘chic’, Vanessa Hudgens was once the queen of boho-chic.

While she keeps it glam on the red carpet, Vanessa does the paparazzi stroll in summer music festival-ready ensembles. Similarly to Nicole Ritchie, Vanessa’s absolute favorites include: maxi dresses, suede boots and gladiators, denims, loose tees and flowing skirts.

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Other Honorable Mentions
1. Zoë Kravitz – With parents like Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz and a stepdad like Jason Momoa, it’s no wondering that actress Zoë Kravitz is a veritable bohemian style trendsetter. As a result, Zoë is a master at looking perfectly effortless at all times, whether she is rocking the red carpet or doing the pap walk.

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Although these days they’re icons of the modest clothing style, the Olsen twins were part of the original crew who made bohemian Kacamata Rayban style the mega trend that it is today. As masters of the ‘everything goes with everything’ look, Mary-Kate and Ashley always incorporated an element of whimsy or mystery in their ensembles.

3. Anyone who’s ever attended Coachella – Coachella has become a culture and a lifestyle in its own right and a true representation of today’s more grungy-infused bohemian style. From the Victoria’s Secret models to the social media influencers and from the A-listers to the regular folk, Coachella is all about that SoCal, effortless look. The must-have elements for mastering the SoCal look: distressed denim, lace cover-ups and crochet crops, bandanas and headbands, boots of all kids, sunnies, temporary tattoos, flouncy maxis and an overload of accessories.