For TikTok lovers, you must be familiar with the figure of Alsa Aqilah. Not without reason, the existence of this 21-year-old woman has successfully won 8.5 million followers on TikTok. Apart from her cute appearance, Alsa also has a sweet voice that hypnotizes her fans.

Are you curious about the sweet portrait of Alsa Aqilah? Let’s take a cute portrait below! Top Fashion

1 This cute girl who loves to sing also often experiments with contemporary hair colors

2 Apart from being on TikTok, Alsa also has a Youtube channel with a subscriber number of more than 100 thousand, you know!

3 Not only has a sweet voice, Alsa is also good at dancing and playing musical instruments, you know

4 Thanks to his shrewdness in music, Alsa managed to release a new single titled I Swear I Love You. Timberland Fashion

5 Having a cute appearance, outfit style and natural makeup make Alsa look even cuter

6 Do you know, it turns out that Alsa has been in the music world since she was a child and has participated in the Little Idola and The Voice Kids Indonesia events

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7 Having a lot of talent and being an inspiration to young people, an influencer like this is worthy of appreciation! Best Menswear

8 His funny behavior also makes it difficult for fans to escape Alsa, who always entertains through his social media

9 This is how Alsa looks on Eid with blonde hair. Is it really shaky, here? Kacamata Rayban

How about the sweet portrait of Alsa above, Bro? So cute and charming, auto makes you annoyed and attracted, huh!