Dare to Show Opening, 7 Sensual Portraits of Jennifer Coppen

For you lovers of Indonesian films, maybe you are already familiar with Jennifer Coppen. Her name began to be known when she played Caca in the soap opera Little-Little Thinking So Manten. In 2020, her role as Kirana in Generation 90s: Melancholia also received praise. Not only has acting skills that deserve thumbs up, his appearance is also in the spotlight. Besides often wearing revealing clothes, this 19-year-old artist also often uses bold makeup. Curious what the portrait looks like? Check it out below! Timberland Fashion

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1 A nude lip gloss and a flawless matte complexion, Jennifer Coppen has an irresistible charm.

2 Jennifer’s tips to appear on point in an instant? Use red lipstick! So pretty!

3 Playing in the water, Jennifer’s makeup still steals the attention, you know. Eyebrows on fleek and bright eyelashes are also an option to look stunning.

4 Using an open shirt, Jennifer chose a bangs accent for her medium hair style. Looks more mature huh! Best Menswear

5 Wet hair look is also an option when on vacation. More alluring! Top Fashion

6 Two super sleek ponytails and sharp eye makeup, Jennifer’s makeup always looks perfect on every occasion.

7 Messy hair and glowing makeup are a combination that makes Jennifer’s total look even more statement. Kacamata Rayban