Have you had a chance to see Spell’s “Mystic” collection? If not, you are about to be surprised, because in the purest Spell style, they do not disappoint in this latest release. With its signature boho style, this collection features flowing fabrics, sunny hues, intricate patterns, mystical symbols, fringe details, and a distinctive feminine touch that always lurks beneath the surface of every Spell collection. To expand on this, our three favorite pieces in this lookbook include a wide-shoulder floral minidress, a faded dress with a cheetah print, and a pair of bell-print pants. Timberland Fashion

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Let yourself fall in love with all things, Capulet

We love Capulet, and when you learn more about this brand and its stunning designs, we think you will agree with us. With a distinctive Southern California charm and a preference for vintage details, Capulet designs her pieces for the versatile woman who is not afraid to play with style while keeping some of her favorite classic designs. In addition, you will also see that the preference for fun colors, fashionable details and high-quality finishes is always present. Top Fashion

This ultra-feminine collection from Selkie makes a style statement

Best Menswear, Are you in love with Selkie? If the daring, seductive and feminine style speaks to you, here without arguments, Selkie is for you. Not so sure? Just browse their latest collection to get an idea of ??what they are. With sweetheart necklines, puff sleeves, babydoll skirts, floral prints and pops of color, this collection quickly separates from your standard women’s fashion collection. The highlight is that we would say they do it by using intense volume.

The 15 best fashion sportswear brands with a cool twist

And the last six months of quarantine have taught us something, is that when it comes to fashion, comfort is king! For the foreseeable future at least, the days when you squeezed yourself in relentless heels or locked yourself in uncomfortable dresses are long gone. Instead, it’s time to invest in cozy and comfortable clothes for your everyday wardrobe. Kacamata Rayban