Timberland Fashion, On expressive femininity, Jonathan Liang’s The Resort colección20 collection is a must for any fashion enthusiast. Based in Paris, we can feel this luxurious European-style feel almost instantly; however, at the same time, there is a feeling of portability over these pieces that seems accessible, relaxed and effortless. And yes, once you become familiar with this brand, you will realize that this balance between relaxed and more sophisticated styles is intentional, giving women the ability to feel better and, at the same time, maintain a perfect appearance. effort. For example, flipping through this last line, some of our favorite details include trendy puff sleeves, chiffon, flowers, ruffles, scarf skirts and laser cut flowers. Now, if you are looking at this list and you think it sounds overly feminine, you would be absolutely correct on that front; However, it is also important to draw attention to the more casual items in the collection, such as t-shirts, sports sandals combined with socks, black cardigans, padded jackets and cold sweaters. Together, this mixture of feminine details with more relaxed silhouettes and designs brings us a collection that capitalizes on the best of both worlds.

The heritage of the blacksmiths at Susann Bosslau Lab brings training jewelry to life

SUSANN BOSSLAU LAB was founded in 2019 by designer Susann Bosslau. With a strong family heritage in blacksmithing, Bosslau’s legacy dates back to 1836, starting with his traditional German blacksmithing crafts, great-great-grandfather, great-grandfather, paying homage to many previous generations. Combining her grandfather’s methodologies with new unconventional techniques, she used the heat of the old blacksmith years ago. Each piece of jewelry features a memorable shape and narration showing a blacksmith workshop in Dissen, Brandenburg. The FR.BOSS collection since 1836 appreciates the women of the Bosslau family, who have been an essential part of supporting the family and business. Leaving visible marks of direct contact with 1500 ° C in the metals, the pieces come to life with their own recorded history. The collection is all aspects of empowerment, to make you feel. Working with raw materials such as recycled silver, gold and brass that emphasize touch and quality. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in Berlin and Dissen. Top Fashion

The perfect additions to your LPA The Label summer wardrobe

Masters in serving new and feminine, feminine and seductive styles, it’s time to get acquainted with newcomers to LPA The Label. With everything from tight dresses to cheetah print leggings, LPA guarantees something for you. In particular, some of our new favorite looks include a cherry red jumpsuit made with a flattering tie waist, a sleeveless pink backless top, a white dress with an ultra short hem and a pretty purple blouse with a yellow embroidered bust However , remember that if you’re looking for more relaxed pieces that you can create in a variety of ways, you’ll love a cut black knit blouse, a chic purple blouse and a simple black blouse. There are even shoes and bags to satisfy your fashion accessory desires. For example, a pair of flashy yellow sandals make a real statement, and a mini leather bag is the perfect piece to get to town. And, oh, don’t forget to feast your eyes on all the exciting swimsuit styles. Be it a classic white one piece with button details or a statement that produces two pieces made in mint green, LPA has gone so far as to deliver pieces that fit all body types. What items from LPA The Label will you add to your wardrobe this summer?

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A smart and casual way to wear a midi skirt

It’s heating up and we can’t help but dream about summer looks that can go from the beach to dinner. This outfit brings us the best of both worlds with the light combination of a blouse, mesh belt and silk midi skirt. It is punctuated with a loose bag and structured sandals that scream classic style. We selected all the pieces needed to recreate this look below. Kacamata Rayban

Holiday styles that always impress Poupette St Barth

Best Menswear, Have you stocked up fun and feminine styles for the summer? Otherwise, we recommend taking inspiration from the Poupette St. Barth spring / summer campaign. Without losing details, this collection is bright, colorful, flattering and very suitable for the holidays. In particular, we like to have a wide variety of styles for all different types of holidays. For example, if you are looking for beach cover-ups, they cover you. However, if you are looking for something that might be a little more appropriate to enjoy your margarita at your favorite spot on the beach, you will also find windy maxis, flattering dresses and cute mini dresses for the days you want. Shows a small leg. They even have easy-to-wear jumpsuits and relaxed cotton dresses for looks that go beyond the line between being super relaxed and taller, making these specific styles perfect for when you’re exploring a new location. In short: if you want to look good on your next vacation, you need some new designs from Poupette St. Barth in your bag as soon as possible.