– David Beckham
Would the concept of airport style even exist if it weren’t for David Beckham? Maybe not. The former captain of England is no stranger to a private jet, and his above-average flight miles are undoubtedly reflected in the experience with which he puts together a lounge-friendly Timberland fashion travel outfit.

Beck’s trademark for transatlantic coolness is based on the mixture of timeless classics with trend-driven pieces (and of course the obligatory black wayfarers), all of which serve as outfits for a city trip.

The soccer legend can switch seamlessly from high to low, so that both look equally good. Think of a simple crew-neck t-shirt, jogger and a baseball cap for long-distance slogs, or a soft chambray shirt and jeans for shorter flights. Each tied neatly with a luxurious backpack or a leather travel bag.

– Ryan Gosling
In terms of style inspiration according to Kacamata Rayban, it doesn’t get much better than Ryan Gosling.

The La La Land Star is known ashore for its talent for using statement pieces and a range of colors inspired by the seventies, and the magic doesn’t stop when it’s time to catch a flight.

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Gosling’s use of layers that can be easily added to and subtracted from his travel outfit brings him to the best airport dressers. Who else could wear a buffalo check lumberjack coat over a leather biker and make it look good? We would give him money if we also wear swim shorts there.

– Eddie Redmayne
The golden age of flying may be dead and the lounge has no place for a real lounge suit. However, tell Eddie Redmayne that you still can’t fix yourself and look smart.

If you jump straight from the plane into a smart casual environment, Redmayne can provide a practical reference point for the look. The actor can always be seen walking through arrivals in high-quality basics, clutching classic luggage, and often with a chic coat that is thrown in for a good measure.

Once you’ve changed your time zone, you can spice up your skin with a moisturizer and eye cream, swap sneakers for some derbies, and be ready for anything.