To get a stylish but still casual look, you don’t have to use fancy items, just a simple suit will be more pleasing to the eye. You can display a casual impression by combining some simple fashion items. Well, this time Hipwee Style will provide recommendations for fashion items that can boost your appearance! Let’s see more~

1 Do you agree that if a boy wears a plain black shirt, he looks cooler like that? Simple and easy to combine with other fashion items

To make a neat appearance, you don’t just need fashion items with many colors or a mixture of many motifs. Precisely a simple appearance will make you look cooler, one of which is by using a plain black t-shirt. Besides being simple, a plain black t-shirt is also easy to combine with other fashion items, you know~ Timberland Fashion

You can add items of several types of jackets ranging from denim jackets to leather jackets. Launching from the Alodokter page, black also depicts strength and courage so that you can be more confident.

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2 Now, in addition to black T-shirts, plain white T-shirts can also make your appearance automatically level up! It looks clean, neat, and minimalist, you know~

If black represents courage, white actually describes a positive and calm mood from a psychological point of view. Well, you can adapt the meaning of white into the way you dress so that your appearance can give the impression of a positive and calm aura. Besides having a positive meaning, clothes in white are also quite simple and easy to combine with other fashion items. Best Menswear

3 Not only plain t-shirts, striped tops can also make a boy’s appearance look fashionable without being overly impressed

Not only girls, boys can look more fashionable when wearing a top with a striped motif. This motif can be your alternative choice if you want to look different from the previous plain shirt. Stripes make you look fresher without the impression of being excessive or ‘too crowded’.

4 Short chino pants or short chino pants can also be a mainstay fashion item! Not only for a casual look, chino pants can also be used for semi-formal outfits

Chino pants have recently become one of the most sought after fashion items among boys. Usually chino pants have neutral colors such as beige, light brown, army green, black, and terracotta that are easy to combine with tops and other fashion accessories. Not only showing a relaxed impression, chino pants can also be used for a semi-formal look by combining them with a plain shirt or striped motif. Top Fashion

5 Watch accessories can complete your overall appearance. Aside from being a time indicator, watches can also make you look more manly!

If girls have a variety of accessories that can be used as a complement to their appearance, guys can add accessories in the form of watches to make their appearance even cooler. For color, you can also choose a black watch to fit in when combined with other fashion items so that it doesn’t seem ‘crashed’ or ‘too crowded’. Kacamata Rayban