Kebaya and dresses are still women’s favorite outfits to attend weddings. Both of them make women look elegant and charming. However, sometimes there are situations where you cannot wear it, such as having to come on a motorbike.

You don’t need to force wearing a skirt, you can still look elegant with pants. Come on, take a look at some celebrity OOTD portraits that can inspire inviting outfits with pants. Top Fashion

1 Pair a lace top with satin slit detailing and ankle straps heels. This match makes you look tall and level!

2 Match up with matching tops and pants, choose a soft color like white with minimalist glamorous details

3 In black and white monochrome style with one shoulder top and material trousers. Change the shoes with heels and voila! Timberland Fashion

4 It can be used for Eid clothes too, patterned tops and salmon color satin pants make you look cute

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5 If the outfit is too plain, add a patterned outer tulle or accessory in the form of a long necklace like Olla Ramlan

6 Dark green clothes are very suitable for attending invitations at night. Classy! Best Menswear

7 Marsha wears a top with fluffy sleeves, which is combined with white culottes. The color is calm and simple

8 Lazy to be complicated? Just wear shiny satin overalls with minimalist sequin decorations so you are ready to look elegant in invitations Kacamata Rayban