The names Kahiyang Ayu and Selvi Ananda are certainly familiar to netizens. Apart from being part of the President’s family, this brother and sister-in-law have now both become the Mayor.

What would it be like if the two styles were pitted against? Both often look elegant, following Kahiyang Ayu and Selvi Ananda’s style battles ranging from dresses to kebaya. Top Fashion

1 Equally applied the embroidery dress with flower accents, Kahiyang applied the black tone, while Selvi applied the beige tone

2 Selvi looks elegant with a cape sleeve top and twisted stitches, while Kahiyang wears a balloon sleeve and batik bottoms.

3 Kahiyang looked stunning in a dress decorated with sequins, while Selvi looked stunning in a long dress with white tones. Best Menswear

4 Both wear batik skirts, this time Selvi combines them with a white blouse, while Kahiyang chooses a turquoise kebaya.

5 Both wear the kebaya, Selvi applies the long brocade kebaya, while Kahiyang applies the satin kebaya

6 Kahiyang applies a long kebaya with a Mandailing crown, while Selvi looks elegant in a kebaya, shawl, & low bun. Timberland Fashion

7 A red kebaya with a jarit skirt is worn by Selvi, while Kahiyang looks alluring with an orange kebaya and twisted skirt

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8 Kahiyang looks cute in a pink kebaya and batik skirt, while Selvi, at her wedding, mixes kebaya and jarit

9 Kahiyang wears a jumputan kebaya and a red batik skirt when being showered, while Selvi captures her attention with an orange kebaya and a batik skirt Kacamata Rayban

That was Kahiyang Ayu and Selvi Ananda’s style battle.