Looking casual has now become one of the most popular fashion ideas for many people. Casual style is synonymous with a simple style without combining clothing items that are difficult for you to find. Timberland Fashion

Most every woman, whether it’s an actress or an idol, is always seen appearing in a casual style, for example Mijoo ex Lovelyz. In her daily outfit, Mijoo always looks casual so she looks fashionable and catchy. Come on, see!

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1 Just by combining a simple red cardi silhouette with mom jeans and sneakers, you can look really fashionable! Best Menswear

2 Look casual with a plain white shirt with wide leg pants in mocca color and flat sandals in the same color

3 For those of you who are anti-complicated, try wearing a plain dark green shirt top with slack pants and cool sneakers, really simple!

4 simple OOTD ideas with a plain white blouse and white boyfriend jeans, add supporting items such as a dark green baseball cap and matching sneakers Top Fashion

5 Simple casual style with a basic black crop top top and wide leg jeans as well as boots

6 Make your appearance more stylish with a yellow long sleeve t-shirt top and black span skirt bottom, wear these cool knee length boots for your OOTD! Kacamata Rayban