Ghea Indrawari began to expand into the world of acting. He got the opportunity to play in a comedy-sports genre series entitled ‘Sumber Rezeki’. Ghea will compete acting with Ina Marika, an actress who has starred in many FTV titles.

Both are said to have opposite characters, but are both good at playing games. Having an age difference of 1 year, let’s compete with Ghea Indrawari and Ina Marika below! Top Fashion

1 Sweatshirt can be combined with a slit skirt or jeans with the latest ripped details. Suitable for a hangout outfit!

2 Wear tops with fluffy sleeves, Ghea match it with pleated skirts. Instead, Ina chose denim pants

3 Have a cute style with a flower patterned dress, do you prefer Ghea or Ina, do you prefer?

4 Ghea wore a pink sweatshirt and plaid pants, while Ina wore a white blouse and lilac colored pants. Cute!

5 Ripped jeans will make you look more stylish, even if you only wear a plain top Timberland Fashion

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6 Korean style floral wrinkle blouse top, best paired with neutral colored trousers

The 7 twins are wearing hoodies, they are also compact in choosing loose, brightly colored pants, like lilac and green!

8 So that your shirts are not worn in a mainstream style, just style them by stacking your vests or making them an outer Best Menswear

9 Ina Marika wears a plain outfit with neutral colors, while Ghea is bolder in a blue and red plaid suit

Those are the 9 Ghea Indrawari vs Ina Marika style fights. They have their own characteristics, huh? Kacamata Rayban