Hailey Baldwin has had a pretty bad history with the Met Gala. The 24-year-old model appeared on Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show, where she opened up about why she believes the Met Gala is “cursed” for her.

“The first time I went to the Met, the next morning, I sprained my ankle and broke my leg. That was when I was 18, so it’s been a long time,” he explained on the talk show, as reported by the People page. “But then the following year, 365 days – because it was the middle of the Met Gala – I broke the same leg.” Timberland Fashion

Baldwin continued, “So I have this whole thing in my head where I’m like, Met Gala night or 24 hours in the Met Gala curse to me.”

Guest host Yvonne Orji later joked that the model – who made six consecutive appearances on the star-studded show – should consider not attending again, but Baldwin said he thought his bad luck had passed. Best Menswear

“Well, it happened twice and it hasn’t happened since,” he said with a laugh before tapping the wood. “So, I think it’s fine.”

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Hailey Baldwin at the Met Gala. Instagram.com/haileybaldwin

Hailey Baldwin attends the 2021 Met Gala with husband Justin Bieber as they make their debut at the annual party as a couple. The model wore a black Saint Laurent dress with a structured plunging neckline, cool sunglasses and Tiffany & Co jewelry. as he walked hand in hand with Bieber opting for a sleek black tuxedo by La Maison Drew (an extension of his Drew House label), painted sneakers, and Jacquie Aiche jewelry.

The night also marked Baldwin and Bieber’s third wedding anniversary. Baldwin tells Orji that celebrating their big day at the Met Gala is actually fun for him.

“We have a lot of friends who are at the Met,” she added, joking that she couldn’t breathe in her dress. “It’s like the most intense date night ever but it’s cool.” Top Fashion

Hailey Baldwin and Bieber wed in September 2018 in a New York courthouse, United States, just two months after getting engaged in the Bahamas that July. A year later, the two held a second, larger wedding ceremony in front of family and friends. Kacamata Rayban