The key to getting the perfect weekend outfit is comfort, and this combination of clothing is the ideal combination of comfort and style. To recreate the look, start with a graphic tee and a pair of high-waisted jeans, then apply a coat in pastel shades and finish with matching colors. This is a simple look that’s ready for a weekend outdoors or at home. Timberland Fashion

Fall in love with this versatile Saylor collection

Are you ready for the Saylor news? If your heart is pounding for everyday styles that are equally contemporary, feminine, and just as stylish, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with this stunning line. On the one hand, we have more casual and casual pieces, such as lace tops, striped maxi, ruffled blouses and casual knitwear. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little higher on the spectrum, we think you’ll be satisfied with the line of sparkly minidresses, backless maxi dresses, and ruffled feminine blush midi dresses. And hey, if you’re looking for an in-between style, you’ll be happy to know that almost every piece in this collection can easily be dressed up for an aesthetic that’s truly yours. In addition, we believe that you will also be satisfied with the color palette for these warmer months. With mustard yellow, blush pink, soft violet and very cool white, we can even see that most of these styles change easily for the fall season. Top Fashion

Cool Athleisure Vibe shines in this Moussy collection

Time and time again, Moussy brings us trendy streetwear that seems wearable and affordable for everyday life. Of course, however, in true Moussy style, you will probably always be the best dressed woman in whatever environment you enter this brand in your life. In other words, of course, the styles are usable, but they also use some of the top style trends in their designs. For example, with this collection of studio suits for summer 2020, we love the athletic vibe. With a relaxed and casual air, we can easily see how these pieces would fit perfectly in a woman’s wardrobe. However, this collection is probably best suited for someone who already has an athletic or sporty flair in their current wardrobe. For example, we have short tops paired with joggers, funky jackets, easy-to-wear tops, and matching shorts for those who want that “uniform” feel to their look. That said, Moussy also added touches of feminine purple, long skirts, and mini skirts to keep the line from looking too masculine or ‘sporty’. Best Menswear

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Top 12 Street Style Outfits Straight From Tokyo [August 2020 Issue]

Known for its distinctive style and progressive fashion, Tokyo’s street style mecca is rich in style inspiration. From trendsetting styles to innovative and unique tastes in fashion, you can find a variety of clothes that can inspire. Take a look at our 12 favorite street styles from FashionSnap for inspiration.

Give your classic staples a fun touch with Adam Lippes

Ready to breathe new life into all your favorite classic designs? If you answered yes, the Adam Lippes lookbook is perfect for you. Designed for pre-fall 2020, this lookbook combines a feminine aesthetic, with fun details and plenty of classic silhouettes that you can trust to feel good. For example, did you ever think that plaid blazers, hot pinks, scalloped edges, ruffled necklines, and leather midi dresses would go together in a collection? Probably not, but when you see how Adam Lippes does it, you start to see how all these pairs of styles can bring us something that can be fresh and modern, but also classic and feminine. Kacamata Rayban