Appearing on Lebaran day with a hijab can indeed make your appearance look polite and beautiful at the same time. Starting from earthy tone nuances to charming abstract motifs, here are recommendations for hijabs from local brands that are good for you to wear on Hari Raya:

1 Button Scarves

Comes in pastel to bold colors, Button Scarves offers a beautiful and classy hijab motif. Top Fashion

2 Puru Kambera

Still presenting a patterned hijab, Puru Kambera emphasizes bold and dark colors, from dark brown to navy blue with ethnic nuances.

3 Zyta Delia

Zyta Delia offers soft color hijabs with simpler motifs. Suitable for looking beautiful on the day of Eid.

4 Lights.Clo

Not only patterned, Lights.Clo presents a plain hijab made from voal in soft, beautiful colors. Hijab from this local brand is suitable to be combined with Muslim clothing motifs during Eid. Timberland Fashion

5 My Lady Official

My Lady Official offers a line of voal hijab in complete color gradations, from pastel, bold, to earthy tone. Also present is a simple and elegant patterned hijab. Best Menswear

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  1. Louisa Luna

Not only floral motifs, the hijab from Louisa Luna also comes in bold and timeless geometric motifs. This hijab is suitable to be combined with your Eid clothes. Kacamata Rayban