The intention to buy an expensive bag to make it cooler, even got tricked. Don’t do it, Bella! Not surprisingly, the quality and exclusive materials make Hermès bags sold at fantastic prices. Many people want to make a profit from this by making replicas of fake bags. Timberland Fashion

Come on, get to know the characteristics of the original Hermès bag! Here’s how to tell the difference between a real Hermès bag and a fake. Read more below.

1 Pay close attention to each stitch on the bag. The original Hermès bags are sewn directly by hand, so they are neater without any crooked or inappropriate seam lines.

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2 Each set in the Hermès bag is made of genuine precious metal, such as palladium or plated gold. Make sure any hardware such as padlocks, keys, or buttons are spotless and feel heavy. Best Menswear

3 Also check the bag handle. The shape of the handle on the original Hermès bag can be ensured to be perfectly formed without anything protruding, bending, or bulging on the sides.

4 Check in detail the logo on the bag. The Hermès logo is always displayed in a smooth and neat font without being affected by the skin texture, which reads “Hermès Paris Made in France”.

5 The toggle loop on the original Hermès bag feels smooth when turned. Fake bag toggles are usually more rugged and stiff, or even feel cramped. Top Fashion

6 Genuine Hermès bags are always wrapped in a beige or orange shopping bag or box. The shopping bag also features a dark brown Hermès logo and strap. Kacamata Rayban