Wearing items for seven consecutive days will affect the garment. And since the blazer is designed to look deconstructed rather than disassembled, we spoke to Andy Savva, general manager of London’s most exclusive dry cleaners, Jeeves of Belgravia, for tips on how to keep it fresh between Timberland fashion wear.

– Improve Your Hanger Game
Very few people think about it, but the correct size of the hanger is crucial. The ends must meet the seam where the jacket sleeve is attached to the body. If they are shorter, the shoulders are stretched, causing the blazer to lose its shape.

– Crease Control
Body heat generally frees the blazer from most soft wrinkles. However, after a few days, hard wrinkles can develop, especially on the elbow. These require high quality iron or a steamer to relax the fibers.

Never try to actually iron the jacket as the heat from the iron can cause all sorts of problems, such as: B. glazing, shining or flattening the nap. Instead, hang up the jacket and carefully apply steam from a distance of about 20 to 25 cm to the fabric.

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– Brush For Life
Any material with a raised fiber (i.e. most wool or cashmere fibers) responds well to gentle brushing with a soft brush after each wear. This not only removes residues that have accumulated during the day, but also loosens the fibers so that they stand up like when you first bought the jacket.

– Trapped Air Is Your Friend
Use plastic bags to store a blazer, but always leave them open at the bottom. When you do this, the air is trapped inside, so there is a pillow to prevent kinking, but the garment can also breathe. For the same reason, at Jeeves we recommend that you always pack your suitcase with a plastic bag. The other option is breathable covers.

– Do The Dab
Never rub stains. Just dab them with a clean, damp cloth and let the fabric dry naturally. Be careful not to immerse yourself too much as this can lead to major problems such as water stains.

If you feel that the stain is not coming out, save yourself a headache and send it to a specialist.

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