It may be fall and it will be winter soon, but this influencer shows you how to adapt your favorite pair of leather shorts for colder weather.

Update your outerwear collection with this line from Saks Potts

Copenhagen-based Saks Potts is an outerwear brand that is impossible to resist. With the flattering silhouettes, sleek styling, and attention-worthy details, you’re about to feel the urge to shop for warm clothes. Known for their timeless designs, these are outerwear you can rely on season after season. However, don’t be fooled. This does not mean that the pieces are boring or standard. Quite the opposite. Instead, the brand plays with color, adds spectacular finishes and always uses the highest quality fabrics when designing its pieces. Top Fashion

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Timeless and elegant design for the modern woman from Merlette

Timberland Fashion, Photographed by Anders Estrom, Merlette is a Brooklyn-based brand that specializes in high-end designs for women that are the epitome of chic style with a sense of calm. Always trying to keep the modern woman in mind, you will find that most models fit everyday wear, but if you think this involves your basic t-shirt and jeans, think again. Much taller and designed with style enthusiasts in mind, these pieces are more elegant, sophisticated and suitable for a confident woman who is ready to dress to impress.

Fall in love with Silvia Tcherassi’s chic style

Raise your hand if you’ve seen Silvia Tcherassi’s Fall / Winter ’20 collection. Oh folks, if you don’t have your hands up, it’s time to get on Silvia Tcherassi’s train. Known for their chic style, dramatic details and a touch of Latin flavor, once you discover this brand, you will never forget them. Specifically, with this collection, we think you will fall in love with some of the exciting design decisions. For example, let’s take a look at a dress that features a peplum top and long shorts. Best Menswear

Ulla Johnson brings a touch of luxury and feminine for spring 2021

Are you looking for female models that have that luxurious aesthetic? If so, you must visit Ulla Johnson. Well known for designer quality and attention to detail, this is a brand that women gravitate towards with poise. In particular, we highly recommend taking a look at the Spring / Summer ’21 collection. Filled with sophisticated sensuality and organic naturalness, this collection exudes delicate femininity and luxurious details. Also, you may pick up a hint of Japanese influence. Kacamata Rayban