Shiny pieces are popping up everywhere, and if you thought they were just for nights and parties, think again.

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The smooth, romantic design takes it to the next level with We Are Kindred

With effortless femininity at the forefront of each We Are Kindred launch, the Spring collection caters for all aspects. Titled “Samsara”, this release is detailed, sweet, smooth and, well, beautiful. With nostalgic floral prints, earthy tones and draped silhouettes, everything in this collection screams relaxed and effortless. Top Fashion

Make room in your closet for new autumn retrofit pieces

There are very few brands that we like more than Retrofete. Always keeping us on tiptoe with his talent for dramaturgy, this is certainly a brand that doesn’t mind being the star of the show. However, keep in mind that all parts are very easy to use. The retrofit does not have to depend on an exaggerated design that seems useless.

Looking good is never a problem with WAYF in your closet

Timberland Fashion, The fall of 2020 looks good. With bold materials such as vinyl, feminine colors like peach and the scenery that every woman wants in her wardrobe, this line fulfills all the requirements of style. From soft green wrap blazers and miniskirt sets to classic plaid gabardines, this collection combines autumn classics with more dramatic selections for something that is packed to the brim with taste. Best Menswear

This casual winter outfit is everything we want to live for

It is safe to say that all we want to wear now is simple, casual clothing made from cool basic items. When styled correctly, they always look elegant, no matter what. Kacamata Rayban