Timberland Fashion can mean a lot to many people, but style is almost always a unique expression of a person’s personality that is carried out in the simplest possible form.

Really stylish guys find ways to present themselves on any occasion, in a way that seems effortless. With this in mind, we face a challenge: take a hero item from the male wardrobe – the unstructured navy blazer – and create a different look for every day of the week that every man can wear.

Why the navy blue blazer? As you will see, this is all you need to tie together many different elements of a wardrobe with minimal effort. British designer Oliver Spencer, whose collections often focus on contemporary tailoring styles (his Theobold jacket would be a good choice for this experiment) said that navy blue blazer is a truly traditional piece that has been part of the men’s wardrobe for many, many years.

Thursday (Looking Fashion-Forward)

Thursday is undoubtedly the best working day of the week, as it is perfectly acceptable to take a drink with careless reluctance after work and to glide over the face with false care (if you really want) to fall asleep in a toilet cubicle).

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The blazer look can take on a more experimental laissez-faire attitude on Thursday, which in this case means that the pants are loose or loose-fitting (but never baggy). They’ve been bubbling around for quite a few seasons (well, actually since the 1920s) without taking off their clothes, but an unstructured navy blazer is the perfect accomplice to get away with this contemporary look. Opt for a pleated style that breaks the shoe for a smarter look. Otherwise, flat trousers with a few rolled-up rolls make for a very modern look.

Elsewhere, you can join the tonal Kacamata Rayban trend by wearing navy blue from head to toe and using a sleek white t-shirt and minimalist sneakers to break the trend.

There is also the option of exchanging the sneakers for black brogues with thick soles for the office during the day and putting on the kicks for the late hours.