Timberland Fashion can mean a lot to many people, but style is almost always a unique expression of a person’s personality that is carried out in the simplest possible form.

Really stylish guys find ways to present themselves on any occasion, in a way that seems effortless. With this in mind, we face a challenge: take a hero item from the male wardrobe – the unstructured navy blazer – and create a different look for every day of the week that every man can wear.

Why the navy blue blazer? As you will see, this is all you need to tie together many different elements of a wardrobe with minimal effort. British designer Oliver Spencer, whose collections often focus on contemporary tailoring styles (his Theobold jacket would be a good choice for this experiment) said that navy blue blazer is a truly traditional piece that has been part of the men’s wardrobe for many, many years.

Tuesday (Going With The Flow)

As the nursery rhyme says, the child is full of grace on Tuesday, and so should the adult. They haven’t done enough work to get the designer sneakers and polo shirt out yet. So this day requires a more sophisticated approach.

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That means you don’t have to be a slave to the shirt collar. Instead, replace it with a fine turtleneck that looks just as classy, but without the connotations of the company. It was bought from a breathable but insulating material like merino wool and is a solid transition piece for cooler summer days and warmer autumn days.

Provided that you choose dark blue or dark tapered pants, you can choose a bold color to sit under your blazer. According to Kacamata Rayban, a khaki, tan, or burnt orange turtleneck looks great on darker or olive-green skin (assuming the skin isn’t too shaded), while a pale complexion works better for darker colors that create a contrast like bottle green, burgundy, and bolder tones of blue. Consider an all-rounder in a navy blue or anthracite-colored knit and combine it with a cream-colored chinos.

What you put on your feet ultimately determines the formality. Dark brown or oxblood oxfords, derbies and monk straps provide an elegant finish, while brogues, chelsea boots, loafers and sneaker hybrids, worn with a roll in the pants, suggest a much more creative personality. All of them are still under the jurisdiction of an elegantly casual office dress code.