Fashion can mean a lot to many people, but style is almost always a unique expression of a person’s personality that is carried out in the simplest possible form.

Really stylish guys find ways to present themselves on any occasion, in a way that seems effortless. With this in mind, we face a challenge: take a hero item from the male wardrobe – the unstructured navy blazer – and create a different look for every day of the week that every man can wear.

Why the navy blue blazer? As you will see, this is all you need to tie together many different Kacamata Rayban elements of a wardrobe with minimal effort. British designer Oliver Spencer, whose collections often focus on contemporary tailoring styles (his Theobold jacket would be a good choice for this experiment) said that navy blue blazer is a truly traditional piece that has been part of the men’s wardrobe for many, many years.

Weekend (The Sartorial Slouch)

Over the coming weekend, many people will automatically ignore the Navy blazer because they fear that it may look too uniform or too narrow with friends, but they lack a very stylish trick.

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The weekend does indeed require more relaxed and comfortable clothing, but adding the blazer can make what would otherwise be a casual outfit something very imaginative and trend-driven. We call it Timberland fashion jewelry and it is a look that combines classic tailoring with street and sportswear.

Combine the dark blue blazer with a classic gray t-shirt or sweatshirt with sporty, luxurious dark blue joggers and clean leather high-tops. This ensures a chic, structured outfit and, above all, it’s damn comfortable.

You can play around with this look, for example by exchanging the t-shirt for a shirt with a grandpa collar or putting a vest under the jacket in autumn. Just choose high quality materials to keep them together. Without the jacket, you’re just another weekend. Suffice it to say that you are a pioneer.