We love how cool a chocolate brown coat looks over a head-to-toe black dress. Wear this color combination for your next coffee or lunch. Either way, it is effortless chic for any occasion.

All about the unique combinations of this Andersson Bell collection

Timberland Fashion, Raise your hand if you are in love with everything Andersson Bell. Known as the benchmark for a mix of Korean style and Scandinavian influences, this unique style combination will captivate you from the start. For example, if you’re trying to keep it simple, what’s not to love about a denim pencil skirt paired with a layered cream tweed jacket over a teal turtleneck? Or, if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone a bit, you’ll find pieces like a raw edge blazer made in a two-tone design, an inverted cable skirt, a detachable 2-way jumper that can be worn with or without sleeves. and flared ribbed trousers made in a variety of colors.

Let Nicholas K elevate your wardrobe with inspiration from this editorial

Designed for the “urban nomad” Nicholas K is not your average brand. It is a luxury brand, high-end and decidedly designed with the most modern and trendy woman in mind. Let’s take a look at the latest collection to get an idea of ??what this all looks like, shall we? With lots of curtains, twists and layers, this collection offers dimension. For example, wool scarves are draped over the shoulders, sweaters are tied around the waist, dresses are layered over pants, belts are used to enhance the figure, and bold jackets are added for a bit of drama. Top Fashion

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For the American classic, The Great. Has your back

Best Menswear, To add a touch of classic American flair to your wardrobe, we can’t say enough about The Great’s latest collection. Designed for Fall 2020, this collection brings us everything The Great is so famous for. It’s got a vintage feel, it’s trendy, and of course it has all those great girlish details that we know and love. In other words, if you want your style to be a little different from any other style you see on the street, but are still looking for pieces that are affordable for your day-to-day, well, we’re pretty sure The Great will tick all the boxes. good for you. Kacamata Rayban