Some women like outfits with muted colors like pastels. Apart from pastel colors, fashion lovers also like outfits with earth tone nuances.

Earth tone itself is a color consisting of natural elements such as brown, orange, white, dark green and several other natural colors. If you need an outfit reference with this earth tone color, let’s take a look at 9 mix and match ideas for the Helmi Nursifah style hijab outfit below! Top Fashion

1 Go boyish style, choose a plaid shirt that matches the color of the pants. Simple and very chic

2 Look edgy when hanging out, wear oversized t-shirts that are stacked with shirts. So cool!

3 Knit cardigan and black inner combined with high waist pants can also be your choice for a non-complicated hangout. Best Menswear

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4 Look stylish with many colors, choose a beige outer and a patterned inner with army pants. For the hijab, choose black

5 Mixing and matching the black shirt that is made into the outer with brown high waist pants makes you look really stunning, right? Timberland Fashion

You can also wear these 6 suits with matching colors when hanging out or at semi-official events. Use sling bags and sneakers to make it even more chic!

7 Look simple and elegant, wear a broken white dress combined with a black vest. Perfect!

8 Need a simple and trendy outfit for traveling? Wear a shirt combined with a vest and culottes. Just right!

9 Wearing an oversized brown shirt combined with white pants can make you look stylish and sweet, you know

So, those were 9 mix and match ideas with earth tone nuances in the style of Helmi Nursifah that you can use as a reference for your next OOTD. Good luck! Kacamata Rayban