Thanks to the frequent coming and going of the most stylish celebrities in the world, the airport has become a global Timberland fashion stage for good dressing. Despite all the paparazzi shots of Ryan Gosling gliding stylishly through LAX, it can be difficult to put together a travel outfit yourself. It’s tempting to sacrifice style for comfort, but the key to getting dressed for departures is understanding that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Equipped with the right cloakroom tools, there is no reason why you cannot give the Hollywood jet set a barrel for travelers checks. So sit back, make sure your table is folded away and your back is upright, and let us guide you through the subtleties of the airport style.

– Worker Jacket
Having a few extra bags on hand is not a bad thing at any time, but it is especially useful when trying to keep your carry-on bag with an acceptable weight and all the essential travel items on hand.

A work jacket – originally designed for household chores, which is definitely flying – has room for passports, boarding passes, headphones and more. It’s just a bonus that it looks that way.

– Hoodie
Certainly the most comfortable garment ever made. You don’t have to have poured over celebrity pap shots to know the airport hoodie really comes into its own.

To make part of your next travel outfit, look for loopback cotton or cotton-jersey blend for optimal comfort. Then just wear them under a light jacket and you’re ready for heaven.

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– Sunglasses
If you’ve just boarded a 13-hour flight and the jet lag is starting to set in, it’s not an easy task to look good. Stylish sunglasses can hide a variety of sins and help take some sting out of the blinding daylight.

If you want the chance not to look like an idiot going through passport control, stick to classic shapes like Kacamata Rayban and Wayfarers and Clubmasters in black or tortoiseshell frames that look cool in the pool too.

– Slip-On Sneakers
Even if you’re David Beckham, you’ll have to go through airport security at some point. It’s not just worth packing your liquids in a clear bag in advance, but also planning ahead and dressing up. and that includes your shoes.

Since no man wants to wrestle with laces on a bent knee at 4 a.m., slip-on sneakers are the savvy traveler’s choice, meaning that you literally fly through and have more time to get scented duty free.