Stylovers who love Indonesian soap operas must be familiar with the figure of Bunga Zainal.

Starting his career in 2003, Bunga Zainal has also played roles in various Indonesian soap operas.

Although currently Bunga Zainal is rarely seen playing soap operas, this beautiful actress and young mother is apparently active on social media, Stylovers! Timberland Fashion

Through her personal Instagram account, Bunga Zainal often uploads photos of herself that look beautiful and also fashionable.

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Often sharing his OOTD portraits that look fashionable like ABG, Bunga Zainal’s appearance always gets compliments, you know!

Curious about what Bunga Zainal’s fashionable OOTD looks like?

Come on, check this out!

1 OOTD Wear Mini Dress

In her first appearance, Bunga Zainal looked fashionable wearing a sleeveless mini dress. Best Menswear

If Stylovers pay attention, the mini dress is made using a woven fabric material called ‘tweed’.

To give the illusion of separation between the top and bottom, Bunga Zainal seems to add a small belt with a nude color at the waist.

In line with the color of her belt, Bunga Zainal also chose to wear a Chanel shoulder bag and high heels in the same nude color.

You know what, Stylover? The selection of high heels with nude colors that match Bunga Zainal’s skin color makes the actress look more level, you know!

2 All Yellow OOTD

On the third appearance, Bunga Zainal looked fresh wearing an outfit with shades of yellow.

First of all, Bunga Zainal seems to be wearing an outer ombre with yellow and white colors.

The 2 colors match the colors of the tops and shorts that Bunga Zainal is wearing. Top Fashion

Then, Bunga Zainal also chose to wear white sneakers as her footwear.

The actress’ appearance is complemented by a brown hat on her head.

3 All-Blue OOTD

If previously Bunga Zainal looked charming in yellow, this time Bunga Zainal chose blue for the outfit she was wearing.

As you can see, Bunga Zainal chose a long-sleeved crop top with a light blue color that looks soft. Kacamata Rayban