The world of fashion is now very developed, there are also more choices of fashion styles that are increasingly trendy. Identical to the simple and elegant model of a vintage style fashion dress that makes your appearance even more chic and classy! Timberland Fashion

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If you want to imitate a vintage style fashion dress, you can look at some inspiration from Joy Red Velvet. Listen, come on!

1 Use a white long dress and black pattern with white flat shoes, make your appearance look simple and still catchy!

2 Using sneakers combined with a purple dress can be a style that looks trendy too, you know! Best Menswear

You can also use this 3 mini dress for formal or informal activities with the addition of a ring bell, no less eye catching to cheat!

4 Long dress with striped motifs combined with chic and trendy Makon flat shoes! Top Fashion

You can use these 5 patterned white dresses for photo hunting in a really catchy garden, girls! Kacamata Rayban