Culottes are indeed champions for being fashionable, while remaining comfortable. No wonder most women have culottes in their cupboards. Moreover, culottes can also be combined with a hijab and can still make your appearance look polite, especially on the day of Eid. Well, here we have tips on how to mix and match culottes and hijab pants for Eid. Top Fashion

  1. Choose plisket culottes for a neater look and remain polite.

You can choose light brown plisket culottes, combined with a white top and a matching light pink hijab. This appearance can give the face a more glowing and youthful impression.

  1. If you want to look younger and look fresher on Eid,

You can choose pastel or light colored plisket culottes, such as light blue culottes. Timberland Fashion

  1. Appearing in a matching culottes trouser suit can also create a more charming appearance and still look polite.

You can choose gray culottes combined with a matching top, but choose a lighter hijab color to create a glowing face.

  1. To appear elegant and sweet on the day of Eid,

You can choose light pink culottes paired with a floral top. Choose a pastel hijab color so that the appearance looks more attractive. Best Menswear

  1. Mix and match peach culottes with a pastel green outerwear to make your appearance even fresher.

You can combine it with an army green hijab to look more fashionable.

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  1. Mix matching hijab and pastel culottes is indeed a trend in the current hijab fashion.

You can combine it with a matching pastel blue outer, like this one fashion style to create a more trendy appearance. Kacamata Rayban