Timberland Fashion BTS’ debut runway in Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection film fashion spin-off is in the spotlight of the public’s attention. Vogue called the entire fashion show featuring designs by LV’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh, a “game changer.”

The narrative “models should be grateful because BTS chose music” was echoed by the residents of cyberspace. However, for Indonesian citizens, the appearance of J-Hope BTS is one that makes the wrong focus. The reason is, this BTS dancer is wearing a suit whose accent was said to be similar to the kawung batik motif.

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Highlighting the visuals that make him equated with the popular cartoon character, Jack Frost, the owner of the real name Jung Hoseok looks charming wearing a suit in a mix of gray, brown, and dark blue. The match looks in contrast to the red shoes that Hobi is wearing, his nickname.

LV’s signature motif, which was once called a batik motif, appears on shirts, ties, jackets, and fills every part of the trousers worn by the Outro: Ego singer. However, it’s actually not a new sight. Best Menswear

Similar accents have appeared in the LV crafty collection in the form of a handbag. The famous Indonesian designer, Musa Widyatmodjo, once commented on the collection during an online discussion in August 2020, saying, “Louis Vuitton itself did not give the impression that it was batik or inspired by batik.”

If you look closely, Musa added, it’s not batik. “Similar, right. But, it’s not batik,” he said. Musa said, Indonesian people should be proud if there are parties who make products that resemble batik. Top Fashion

Crafty Collection Louis Vuitton

Musa said, this “similarity phenomenon” must be viewed from the positive side. “Who else is able to internationalize batik motifs to the world? Permission or without permission, you should be proud. Take this opportunity to make branding in the eyes of the world,” he said.

After successfully attracting attention, said Musa, people will usually look for the roots of the design, and in this case, towards Indonesia. “Because in the struggle, we can’t just get bored, want to cry, and complain,” he said.

Musa thought, with the adoption of many batik-like motifs, various parties should take advantage of the moment by creating new batik motifs that can be accepted by the world community. “That’s why I say stop repeating past motifs. The market is so sluggish. Batik makers must focus on making breakthroughs,” he said. Kacamata Rayban

Not Just Louis Vuitton

Motifs considered to be similar to batik also appear in the fashion collection of the Dior fashion house. Musa said that the designer behind Dior clothing, Maria Grazia Chiuri, was indeed appointed to present new creations in the collection of the French luxury fashion line.

What must be underlined, continued Musa, is that Dior never referred to the collection released in May 2019 as batik, but rather African wax prints. “It must be understood that the term batik is indeed from Indonesia, but the process of drawing motifs on white cloth worn at night is everywhere. China, Egypt, India, Japan, many use this technique,” Musa explained.

However, anthropologists who work with Dior explain that African wax prints were indeed brought by Dutch industrialists during the colonial era in Indonesia. His party is said to have created a motif that the Indonesians thought was strange, and then brought it to Africa.

“That (the motif in Dior’s collection) is not batik. We have to separate between motifs and batik techniques, they are different. Once again, the technique of drawing with wax on white cloth is not only practiced in Indonesia,” he said.