In addition to the question of who would plan his big day in the darkest depths of winter to find out what to wear for a winter wedding, it is usually a total pain in the back.

While we can not advise you how stingy or luxurious should be with your gift, we can advise you on how to make your winter wedding, whether you are a Timberland fashion groom, part of the wedding party or one of them (bubbly quietly). People who were only invited to the later party.

By now, you should be almost completely familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of winter wedding dresses, but don’t just think about the big picture, the devil is really in the details.

– Suit
The suit is pretty much the most important piece of clothing you need for a wedding. So you really have to do it right.

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Holger Auffenberg, head of design at Chester Barrie, a British tailor brand, said that a single-breasted revers suit always has a little more “occasion” feel. just like a three-piece suit.

A double-breasted suit can look great, especially in winter, but keep in mind that it should never be worn unbuttoned. This will likely hold you back a bit once everyone else relaxes.

– Shirt
When choosing a shirt, your main concern should be the feared tie fight, and you can usually avoid this with a white shirt. Auffenberg said there are very few cases where you could go wrong with a simple white shirt, and a festive event like a wedding is certainly not one of them.

Simply put, boring is best, but quality has to be brought to the point. Avoid cheap types of uniform made of poly or cotton poplin and opt for something with a bit of body and texture, like a royal oxford or wicker.

Light blue or even pastel colors can also work, but I would probably stay away from business-like, bold stripes and checks.

Kacamata Rayban

– Outerwear
No, you can’t just put your parka jacket on for a wedding, but spend more time than you think wearing outerwear at a winter wedding. So it has to look sharper than sharp.

Hoffenberg said that every coat you wear should be longer than the suit underneath, otherwise you would get a “troubled commuter” look. Remember that the pants are visible under the coat. Therefore, make sure that the coat does not collide with the suit, but that you are not moving in the right direction.

A simple navy long coat may sound like a better idea than a simple navy suit, but it does disclose the fact that either a) you only have one suit and coat, or b) you have absolutely no imagination.