In addition to the question of who would plan his big day in the darkest depths of winter to find out what to wear for a winter wedding, it is usually a total pain in the back.

While we can not advise you how stingy or luxurious should be with your gift, we can advise you on how to make your winter wedding, whether you are a groom, part of the Timberland fashion wedding party or one of them (bubbly quietly). People who were only invited to the later party.

By now, you should be almost completely familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of winter wedding dresses, but don’t just think about the big picture, the devil is really in the details.

– Shoes
Combining the right shoes with the right suit is probably the most common nightmare for men’s fashion.

Hoffenberg didn’t really say wedding-specific advice, but your shoes should always match the suit you’re wearing. The famous “no brown in the city” has been dead and buried for a while, but I would stay on the more classic side with your shoes with traditional evening shoes.

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Given that you will be dancing later, I would recommend leather soles, no rubber and definitely no command soles. Whether black or brown, Oxford and Derby shoes prevail against monk belts, loafers and the like.

– Accessories
Like pretty much every situation we can imagine with a winter wedding with accessories, less is more. Hoffenberg also said that if you think you have too many accessories, it is you. If you’re part of the wedding reception, you may get a corsage to wear.

Therefore, make sure that it does not collide with other objects that you may be carrying. A subtle handkerchief can add a fresh, more formal touch, and maybe a wedding is the perfect excuse to wear the Kacamata Rayban cufflinks you inherited from your great-great-uncle. Keep it simple, people. Beyond the tie and cufflinks, limit yourself to one of the following: pocket square, tie holder, pin, silk scarf. You can do it.