Kristen Stewart opened up about the incident of the outfit she wore while attending the 2021 Met Gala. The 31-year-old actress arrived on the famous red carpet steps in a head-to-toe Chanel collection.

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She wore a metallic ruffled pink jacket over a lace blouse and tuxedo pants. But as soon as he got inside and headed for his dining table, he decided to take off his jacket. Timberland Fashion

“So I went to the Met ball and there was a new bunch of kids at the Chanel table. There was a beautiful young tennis player [Emma Raducanu] and a young actress [from Gossip Girl remake, Whitney Peak],” Stewart told People.

“I talked to them, said, ‘Welcome, I’ve done this a few times,’ and they looked like I was scaring them. I looked down, and literally my [nipples] were in their faces. Like, ‘ Okay, sorry, I’ll keep it for now,'” he said.

Stewart jokingly added: “They were like, ‘Who was this crazy old actress at the Met Gala?’ It will be a story for them when they are older.” Best Menswear

The actress has been sitting at Chanel’s desk for a long time, having first been appointed by the brand as the face of Chanel’s 2013-2014 Métiers d’Arts advertising campaign in 2013.

He has worked with the brand (and the late designer Karl Lagerfeld) many times since, even scoring the coveted ticket as a sole guest at Chanel’s elaborate Métiers d’Art fashion show in December 2020 after attendance roster was reduced amid the virus pandemic. corona.

While she’s always ready for Chanel fashion shows, the next major fashion moment Stewart’s fans will see is when she dons a replica of Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress in her new film, Spencer (out now). Top Fashion

“When we put on the dress, it is embedded in a montage that shows her life in front of you. Even though the film takes place over three days and even though I play it as a speculative 29, 30 year old.-parents, we still want to feel the scope of her life, ” Kristen Stewart told Entertainment Tonight. “Sort of a touch in every part, even if it’s in the lyrical dance type. And the wedding dress embedded in that montage and wearing it is a scary day.” Kacamata Rayban