Kristen Stewart is not a new star in the world of Hollywood acting. Starting a career from the theater club at school to the debut of the first film produced by the Disney Channel, Kristen Stewart has starred in a number of films of various genres. Timberland Fashion

Interestingly, among the films that have been successfully played, there are some characters with the most iconic styles. The drastic change in style from one film to another is quite interesting, ranging from teenage characters, Edward Cullen’s cool style, and girly to tomboyish styles. Check out Kristen Stewart’s style transformation below!

1 Panic Room, released in 2002, is one of Kristen Stewart’s most iconic childhood films. The tomboy style is already visible, yes. Best Menswear

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2 Starting as a teenager, Kristen Stewart starred in Zathura: A Space Adventure which was released in 2005. Acting as Lisa with the ABG style that was a hit at the time.

3 Twilight Saga became the most iconic film that made his name even more popular. Playing the role of Bella Swan, her cool but charming style remains in the audience’s memory to this day. Top Fashion

4 Seemingly wanting to let go of a sweet character because of the sequel to Twilight, Kristen Stewart acted as a grunge-style 70s boy band in The Runaways. Kacamata Rayban

  1. Through the film Cafe Society, which aired in 2016, Kristen Stewart’s style is dominated by vintage 1930s clothing.