Fashion Blogger who is also Rich Brian’s sister, Sonia Eryka, often uploads her unique and cheerful OOTD. Sonia, who just got married, is also very active in posting her outfits designed using traditional Indonesian fabrics.

Sonia’s outfit with Indonesian fabric is also a product of her clothing business. What is the uniqueness of Sonia Eryka’s OOTD with Indonesian fabrics? Come on, check out the style! Timberland Fashion

1 This top with woven fabric turns out to be very attractive combined with high-waist cut pants. A mix of traditional and modern style!

2 Pink floral-patterned batik dress always produces a sweet impression and is suitable for daily activities even for formal events.

3 The striated patterned fabric used by Sonia is handmade. Even with simple motifs and colors, it still looks cool, right!

4 Not only handmade, it turns out that Sonia’s outfit is also a slow fashion product whose production process is more environmentally friendly. Best Menswear

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5 With a combination of several motifs and colors of batik cloth, Sonia’s dress looks exclusive and limited edition.

6 With a simple flower patterned skirt combined with a tank top, perfect for a summer walk! Top Fashion

7 For those who like kebaya, who want to look more relaxed, you can combine the Kutebaru with patterned cloth pants like those worn by Sonia. Kacamata Rayban