When it comes to men’s pants, chinos are undoubtedly an indispensable Timberland fashion style. These pants are as versatile as they are fashionable and a must for every man. Not only are they ideal for casual looks, they can also work with smart ensembles, making them a fantastic object. But, looking for the perfect chinos and deciding how to style them can be very challenging, especially for those who have long been committed to jeans. Fortunately, we are here to help you. Here’s our guide on how to choose the perfect chinos and wear them in style.

What are Chinos?
Chinos refer to the particular style of pants that was popularized by an American military. Soldiers wore Kacamata Rayban uniforms with a predominant cotton composition that generally outstripped the body. Chinos are the product of such military clothing. These pants are less formal than dress pants and more elegant than casual jeans. It is available in cotton and cotton blend designs, so you can dress both top and bottom. In addition, the chinos are a tempting choice for most men due to their color palette.

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How do I wear Chinos?
Color is important, but the fit is key to taking off a chinos. Our biggest tip? Try on chinos and see how they complement your figure and height.

The tailored chinos, which are neither too tight nor too tight, work remarkably well. You extend and optimize your aesthetics and your partner perfectly with a lightweight button-down shirt for effortless styling. Nominate woven belts for an effortless finish that complements a youthful silhouette. Chinos should never be too long. Hem chinos for a tiered, leaner aesthetic that looks sharp rather than sloppy. However you approach the tailoring, be aware of the dress code and the season.

What to wear with Chinos
Chinos are remarkably easy to style.

Opt for a more casual aesthetic when wearing chambray and linen shirts in slim chinos for a perfect look for sunny days. Opt for chic chinos if you’re looking for contrasting blazers for an elegant look. Also apply personal details to achieve a more sophisticated look. Pocket squares and knitted ties also work wonders to put them on more relaxed.