Sammy Cowell is a Thai actress with British blood who started her career in the entertainment world in 2007. Popular films that she has starred in include Love Rain and Love God Father. Timberland Fashion

Not only acting, he is also a famous Thai model. Must always appear charming as a public figure, Sammy Cowell does not put aside his comfort in clothes, you know. In fact, he often wears jeans in his activities.

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Flexible to use in various occasions, here is a mix and match of Sammy Cowell’s jeans.

1 Loose jeans combined with a gray t-shirt and sneakers, perfect for a cool, non-complicated daily outfit

2 You can try to combine an oversized white t-shirt with pink jeans, blue and white shoes and a hand bag. Completely playful! Best Menswear

3 Simple but still catchy, you just need to mix loose jeans with a long sleeve crop top and sneakers. You can support your appearance with sunglasses Top Fashion

4 Simple outfits when hanging out, all you have to do is wear a sleeveless crop top with white jeans and white sneakers

You can also try 5 One off shoulder tank tops combined with mom jeans and sneakers, you know Kacamata Rayban