Staccato has the meaning of lompata tones in Italian. Brand Staccato was founded in 1998 which symbolizes the urban life of women who try to compile their rhythm and reveal their identity through a fashionable look. Timberland Fashion

Inspired by this DNA brand itself, Staccato has just introduced new visuals in their identity design. This time, Staccato collaborated with world-renowned designer Baron & Baron, which was founded by Fabien Baron.

As a visual graphical designer for contemporary mode, it also pioneered the design for fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Bazzar, and interviews. As for international brands, there are Dior, Balenciaga, Burberry, and Calvin Klein.

Staccato asked Fabien Baron to interpret this brand image with the uniqueness of his typography combined with creative design, instilling music inspiration and attitude mode for the travel exploration. The new Staccato logo is a combination of piano melodies and the sound of high heels. Best Menswear

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Staccato’s new logo

Typography Logo is the result of new chemicals in their advertising material. The dashed line in the letter “A” on the previous logo was still maintained, while tipography elongated vertically reminded the zebra line that reflected the seripa characteristics of the piano keys which were black and white. Top Fashion

The distance of the letters is also adjusted symmetrically as a symbol of modern women’s freedom and style in urban areas. Repeated patterns on this new Staccato logo implicitly revealed the possibility of continuing to pursue new experiences for unexpected surprises.

This season’s campaign, Staccato presented the Ju Xiaowen International Supermodel and Yeah Zhou to present their confidence, allure power, and vision of fashion, as well as the identity of Staccato himself. Staccato opens a more modern new round by entering music into their inspiration. Kacamata Rayban