Bling-bling accessories, hipster pants, chain accents, colors in a mix and match, you can’t forget the 2000s fashion, right, Bela. Even if you feel tacky, doing a throwback to this old-school Hollywood celebrity appearance will definitely make you want to reminisce. Are you ready to reminisce together? Check it out, come on! Top Fashion

1 Hipster pants were a staple in the early 2000s. The one who popularized it among women, yes, is Gwen Stefani, Bela. Combined with accessories and a touch of bling-bling, this OOTD was truly unique for its time!

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2 The icon of the emo queen of her time went to Avril Lavigne! With a touch of ‘dark’ but adorable outfit, making a spooky black mix with girly pink, always synonymous with Avril’s style. Even now he is still consistent, you know, Bela.

3 Long time fashion lover? You can’t forget the figure of the twins Mary-Kate and Ahsley Olsen. Their exploration of fashion is quite proud and looks different from other celebrities in the early 2000s era. Timberland Fashion

4 Combining ankle-cut skinny jeans with a blazer that fits the body, had become the hallmark of Sarah Jessica Parker in the early 2000s. Even so, it seems that this one mix-and-match is still legal to use, right, Bela… Best Menswear

5 Nicky Hilton’s style on this one is quite an “old school” impression, right, Bela! Jeans with motifs, graphic tank tops with big accents and sparkling sequins, combined with heels, make the style really feel like a teenager in the 2000s! Kacamata Rayban