Timberland Fashion Since the release of the song “Drivers License” in January this year, Olivia Rodrigo’s name has become popular in the global music industry and social media. Olivia Rodrigo’s career advancement has made netizens interested in participating in every activity carried out, including the style of dress that is considered to have experienced a significant style evolution.

Olivia Rodrigo’s change in appearance can be seen in the music video for “Déjà vu”. After the release, Olivia Rodrigo is known as one of the young artists who are fans of Y2K aesthetics. Y2K style a la Olivia Rodrigo is also seen in her latest video clip, Brutal, which she just released on August 24. What does Olivia Rodrigo look like? Scroll down right now.

1 Concept of a Tribute to Britney, Olivia Rodrigo wore a chiffon corset dress paired with fishnet tights. This dress designed by Roberto Cavalli was worn by Britney Spears at the 2003 American Music Awards. Best Menswear

2 In the classroom scene, Olivia Rodrigo wears a tank top, a beret hat of the same color and accessories designed by Pattaraphan and BONBONWHIMS.

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3 Looking more mature in a wig, Olivia Rodrigo wore a velvet blazer by Vivienne Westwood, which was complemented by a pearl necklace and a brooch with the British designer’s logo on it. Top Fashion

4 Despite being born in 2003 Olivia Rodrigo showed off the style of a 2000 Beverly Hills teenager when wearing a black cropped top, denim skirt, Lacey Dalimonte butterfly waist chain accessory, Dior necklace, and a mini bag by Vivienne Westwood.

5 Looking like she was in a 2000s sci-fi action movie, Olivia Rodrigo wore a silver-set specially designed by Los Angeles-based fashion house L.A Roxx. Kacamata Rayban