The intoxicating mix of serotonin-inducing sunshine, countless cocktails and all your friends in one place under the setting sun makes a summer evening unmistakable. But what to wear to the bar? Not all water points are the same and there is a risk that you will turn away from the best facilities when you arrive in the same flip-flops that you have smugly worn in the pub.

Dressing up for going out in summer is a smart minefield where you have to think about the environment and practical details, and a versatile Timberland fashion wardrobe is a must. Light jackets, interesting T-shirts, relaxed jeans, smart chinos, a jazzy shirt with a Cuban collar and a smart blazer – this will be the backbone of a stylish night on the tiles.

The Local Pub
The public house is an indelible British institution to be proud of. Combine the British flair of the pub with the rugby jersey, which is making a well-deserved comeback this year.

As a distant relative of the shirt, it gives your look a certain formality, but don’t worry, the cotton jersey is casual enough to blow through any environment.

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Looser fits can channel streetwear, while hoops and stripes mimic traditional clothing. Also be thankful for the arm covering that keeps you warm in the beer garden as the sun goes down. Keep this in mind if you are planning a late afternoon excursion that may – ok, yes, probably – continue.

With the preppy chinos you can style your rugby top in a simple and summery way. A pair in light stone colors offers a more airy companion than anything that’s darker. According to Kacamata Rayban, remember to take your sunglasses with you if the sun comes up, preferably a simple pair with black frames that won’t distract from the hoops and stripes of your rugby shirt and underpins the business with a pair of clean white sneakers on your feet.