The intoxicating mix of serotonin-inducing sunshine, countless cocktails and all your friends in one place under the setting sun makes a summer evening unmistakable. But what to wear to the bar? Not all water points are the same and there is a risk that you will turn away from the best facilities when you arrive in the same flip-flops that you have smugly worn in the pub.

Dressing up for going out in summer is a smart minefield where you have to think about the environment and practical details, and a versatile Timberland fashion wardrobe is a must. Light jackets, interesting T-shirts, relaxed jeans, smart chinos, a jazzy shirt with a Cuban collar and a smart blazer – this will be the backbone of a stylish night on the tiles.

The Neighborhood Dive
Whether it’s your local pub or an incredibly sticky nightclub, when the night gets messy, you have to be prepared for the worst.

Drinks will be spilled, keys will be lost and you will wake up with a hangover that feels like it has been given by Satan himself. We haven’t been able to help much lately by offering some dioralyte, but we have some advice for the former.

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Think of work clothes, functional jackets such as a waterproof coach jacket (for spilling) or a jacket with several pockets (for house keys and other small things). These are light, durable and easy to take with you should you tear them off to have a boogie around the jukebox.

Chore jackets are usually box-shaped and go with narrower jeans, while the opposite works with the coach jacket, which is narrower and shorter, usually just above the waist. A workwear jacket is characterized by its simple cut, so you have to round it off with either a contrasting T-shirt or a striking graphic.

And don’t forget to pack your dance shoes – the stylish but practical Converse is ideal for leather loafers that don’t rub your feet as much.

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