The intoxicating mix of serotonin-inducing sunshine, countless cocktails and all your friends in one place under the setting sun makes a summer evening unmistakable. But what to wear to the bar? Not all water points are the same and there is a risk that you will turn away from the best facilities when you arrive in the same flip-flops that you have smugly worn in the pub.

Dressing up for going out in summer is a smart minefield where you have to think about the environment and practical details, and a versatile Timberland fashion wardrobe is a must. Light jackets, interesting T-shirts, relaxed jeans, smart chinos, a jazzy shirt with a Cuban collar and a smart blazer – this will be the backbone of a stylish night on the tiles.

The Hotel Bar
Well, someone feels plush. Here you prepare for an evening champagne evening in a hotel bar, probably with the permission of your bank director.

First things first: this is a good opportunity to wear a suit in a social setting. They don’t work, so they don’t have to be limited to the three big neutral ones: Navy, Black and Gray. Color tailoring is raging all over men’s clothing like a fire emoji. We recommend everyone to play Kacamata Rayban around with it.

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However, before you reach for the canary yellow or the millennial pink, we recommend that you first immerse yourself in other nuances. Green suits or those in a lighter blue or brown adhere closer to the neutral middle ground and work with all skin tones, if too light tones can sometimes wash out the fair skin.

A white t-shirt is an easy way to modernize the stale and booted look, especially if a dress shirt can over-emphasize the outfit. A pair of moccasins is a great way to complete this dandy look with polished leathers that provide the necessary formality for such a dazzling occasion.