The intoxicating mix of serotonin-inducing sunshine, countless cocktails and all your friends in one place under the setting sun makes a summer evening unmistakable. But what to wear to the bar? Not all water points are the same and there is a risk that you will turn away from the best facilities when you arrive in the same flip-flops that you have smugly worn in the pub.

Dressing up for going out in summer is a smart minefield where you have to think about the environment and practical details, and a versatile Timberland fashion wardrobe is a must. Light jackets, interesting T-shirts, relaxed jeans, smart chinos, a jazzy shirt with a Cuban collar and a smart blazer – this will be the backbone of a stylish night on the tiles.

The Rooftop Bar
And on the eighth day, God created the bar on the roof, a perfect summer mix of music, drinks and three floors closer to the sun than the rabble on the floor.

Since these rooftop bars can be fashionable things – which has to do with the panoramic view of the city and the plastic palm tree in the corner – we suggest a loose, draped piqué cotton blazer that is easy to take off leaves. “It crumples like a tissue when you fold it up. It is also light and wicks moisture away when you actually wear it.

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Underneath you want something that will help you stand out from the crowd with your jacket off. The answer comes in the form of the Cuban shirt collar, probably one of the easiest style upgrades you can do this summer. Some trendy boat shoes round off the look perfectly.

The Live Music Joint
From Elvis to The Ramones, the leather jacket has long been a rock’n’roll signature that is second to none.

However, gigs are sweaty, especially in summer. Go for suede that’s thinner and softer than polished, making it a great interplay for the hotter climate.

A plain white t-shirt underneath can feel too much like a costume – you’re not trying to take on the role of Danny Zuko in your local Am-Dram relaxed, rocky vibe.

Kacamata Rayban

Below, thin black jeans and Chelsea boots are the best role models for the top headliners. The slim jeans also contrast with the natural bulk of the jacket, while the Chelsea boot is one of the lightest boot styles ever – useful for those of you who don’t wear sneakers, no matter how hard you try.