Every holiday destination certainly has its own experience and story. In addition to supplies, the choice of outfit must be adjusted to the vacation destination you are going to. Timberland Fashion

Especially if you go to a cold area, you should prepare clothes that are a little thicker but still comfortable. UNIQLO launches the Travel Essentials collection which presents a line of outfits for use in various destinations in Indonesia with cold nature.

Even though they both have cold temperatures, here is a guide for travel outfits that are suitable for holiday destinations according to UNIQLO.

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1 Wae Rebo, East Nusa Tenggara

Being a traditional village in the interior of East Nusa Tenggara, Wae Rebo is surrounded by natural hills that have been designated as a cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2012. With a cool atmosphere shrouded in fog, UNIQLO provides a guide to warm clothes that are suitable for enjoying the beauty of Wae Rebo. Best Menswear

You can wear a fleece jacket and a Soft Touch t-shirt for men. With a loose silhouette, the sponge material used is quite cold. The combination of the two is able to provide warmth as well as comfort but still stylish. Especially when combined with HEATTECH pants.

As for women’s outfits, you can use a Fleece jacket with a silhouette and a cut collar. The fluffy polyester material featured has a stylish texture. You can combine it with an earthy Heattech Fleece Turtleneck T-shirt and wide-cut pants.

2 Long Land, Padang

Alahan Panjang is a slope in the eastern part of the Kerinci National Park area with an altitude between 1400-1600 meters above sea level. The air in this region is coldest at 10-18 degrees in West Sumatra. Top Fashion

To keep your body warm, you can wear an Ultra Light Down Jacket with a down material and a two-layer structure. So you still feel warm with lightweight materials. The nylon outer layer features water repellent technology to withstand cold weather and is easy to fold and store in a storage bag.

You can combine this jacket with denim pants to create a comfortable look in the outdoors.

3 Mount Bromo, East Java

The view of the sunrise at Mount Bromo is always the main attraction. Coupled with a 360-degree view, makes Mount Bromo look special. Kacamata Rayban

To deal with the cold temperatures at Mount Bromo, you can pair your outerwear with items that have Heattech technology, such as the Heattech Fleece Stretch Crew Neck T-Shirt which has a thumbhole so it stays warm to the palm of your hand. Then team up with the stylish Ultra Light Down Vest.